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Why Hire Millennials to Work From Home?

Millennials are dominating the workforce in numbers. The younger generation includes top talent across all industries. One phrase may help you attract these skilled individuals more than anything else: work from home.

The work from home (WFH) trend seemed like it may have hit a wall when Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer shut down the company’s telecommuting program in 2013. Yet more and more companies are offering work from home opportunities for their employees with the total number of workers who work at home at least part of the week rising by 103% in the last ten years. Some creative staffing agencies in Palo Alto, like Kinetic Search, have responded swiftly to the need for identifying and vetting top talent for WFH positions and positions suited for a combination of WFH days and onsite days.

Millennials may be even more suited to working outside the office than the generations before them. According to a recent Flexjobs survey, Millennials are seeking WFH positions in overwhelming numbers because of the natural work/life balance and scheduling flexibility working at home provides.

Don’t feel ready to start offering WFH positions just to attract Millennials to your company? You’re not alone. Many employers have reservations about allowing full-time employees to log hours at home several days a week, especially with regards to productivity.

Isn’t a person working from home just a freelancer?

Sometimes, but not necessarily. Some of the Millennials in the stats above are creative professionals, like graphic designers and copywriters, who aren’t looking for full-time employment with a particular company. But many Millennials want the best of both: the long-term benefits of working for a company as an employee along with a little more flexibility in their work location.

A user experience design company in the Mountain View, for instance, may have employees commuting from all directions. They can give their creative professionals hours of extra work time just by allowing them to WFH a few days a week if needed, sparing them commute hours if they happen to live somewhat far away in places like Gilroy to the south or Tracy to the east. The web designer can devote extra hours to getting the site up and running, the creative director can wake up and start her day at 6am from her home workstation, and everyone can stay connected with chat and video conferencing until they meet up again at the office.

How does working from home benefit productivity?

22% of small business owners surveyed are worried working from home will decrease productivity. The concern may be employees sitting around in their pajamas or taking an extra hour for lunch when they’re supposed to be working. You can expect your WFH employees to remain perfectly professional even from home– they are, after all, on the clock and still obligated to uphold all standards of business.

Your trusted workforce may perform better at home. Some research shows companies who implement WFH initiatives end up with an entire extra day worth of work from their employees by Friday. The key is to select motivated workers. Millennials tend to be passionate about their work, as do creative professionals, so younger creatives like designers, writers, marketing experts, and UX developers may the best choices at your company for WFH positions. Connecting with a staffing agency for creatives is a great way to help you find the type of workers you think would do well working from home with your company.

How does a WFH employee stay connected to the office?

Forming a definitive office culture isn’t just a trend in large, Silicon Valley corporations. Every savvy business owner and manager knows a cohesive office culture is essential to smooth management and high morale. The key to maintaining this connection between WFH and in-house employees is easier with the right communication system in place.

A great chat client goes a long way. Blue Otter Corporation is a software design and development company in Mountain View, California specializing in building web apps and mobile apps. Blue Otter president Doan Truong considers effective chat communication essential for WFH employees: “Chat is definitely important for Project Managers and people working from home. It promotes instant communication and a sense of the remote person being available. We use the popular Slack chat client and it’s great.”

Millennials as the ideal WFH employees

Millennials tend to be very comfortable staying in touch virtually and keeping supervisors updated on their work efforts; they are likely to love what they work at or else they wouldn’t be doing it. Offering WFH positions at your company can be a double win: you’ll promote your job postings among young, enthusiastic job seekers and enjoy the benefits of a more productive and motivated employee once they are working– and working from home– for you.

A savvy staffing agency for creatives can help identify the right candidate for your next project or current need.


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