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Employee Timekeeping
  • Temporary staffing from Kinetic Search provides high quality and skilled people for creative projects

Temporary Staffing: Affordably Increasing Productivity

You may think of temporary staffing as a last resort for filling in a position when you’re desperate for help. In reality, hiring temporary employees is often the most practical and affordable solution to a variety of common problems hiring managers and business owners encounter. This is especially true when you consider how simple it is to hire highly skilled, creative professionals as temporary workers. Instead of seeing temps as warm bodies there to fill in a gap until permanent help is found, think of temporary staff as a way to move productivity forward without making the financial commitment required for a long-term hire.

Scenario #1: Your Web Designer Is Tired of Commuting from San Jose

A lead web designer at your company decides to ditch her commute by taking a job closer to home, leaving your Bay Area marketing firm scrambling to find a replacement. The problem is you know how long it took to find the right web designer the first time around. You’re in the middle of a big project that can’t stay on hold for two months while you search for a new replacement.

A temporary employee can alleviate the workload left behind by a staff member who suddenly leaves. In this case, a staffing agency who works specifically with creative professionals could choose your temporary help from a pool of experienced web designers. Everyone involved understands the short-term nature of the position; as soon as you find a new permanent employee the temp returns to the staffing agency for a new assignment.

If at some point you discover he isn’t a good fit for your company or the specific project, you can let the staffing agency know and they will find someone who better meets your needs. On the other hand, if you find the designer the agency sends you is a true asset to your team you may have the opportunity to hire him as your long-term replacement.

Scenario #2: You Need the Best Copywriters in Silicon Valley… For About 2 Months

The latest step in your business’ expansion is creating a better online presence and this requires quality content written for your websites. You are not interested in freelancers or remote writers– you need full-time creatives from the Palo Alto area who understand the culture of the company and can collaborate closely with the project manager. Yet you know after the websites are up and running you will not have the same need for full-time copywriters.

Temporary employees, in this situation, can provide you the full-time work and stability you need for just as long as you need it. While you cannot hire an employee knowing you will definitely let them go a few months down the road, it is perfectly acceptable to hire a skilled temp for a specific amount of time. They are sure to boost your productivity with the talent they bring to your project and are selected by the staffing agency for their ability to hit the ground running in this kind of situation.

Scenario #3: You Want to See What It’s Like to Have a Full-Time Employee

Maybe you are a small business owner curious to know how a full-time user experience developer could increase productivity. Or perhaps you have a full staff but want to try expanding the user experience team with a new full-time developer. In these situations, hiring full-time employees could end up being a big waste of their time, your time, and your money if you realize it isn’t the best idea for your company in the end.

Instead of taking on the cost and risk of hiring a new UX developer, you contact a temporary staffing agency. They interview and hire a great fit for your company who allows you to see how a new staff member might change the dynamic of your business for the better. You can take your time deciding if the projected benefits are cost-effective.

You may choose to use this situation as a way to evaluate potential employees on-the-job. You can only learn so much about a potential employee from an interview. Working with a temporary professional provides you with insight into how well that particular person would fit with your company. If it turns out to be a less than ideal match you are under no obligation to provide them with an ongoing position with you.

Let a Staffing Agency for Creatives Increase Your Productivity

Once you make temporary staffing one of your go-to resources, make the most of the services a staffing agency for creatives can provide.

  • Find an agency specializing in your field. If you need skilled creative professionals, find a firm specializing in placement for graphic designers, marketing professionals, writers, etc. rather than utilizing an agency that places general temps across many industries.
  • Request what you need upfront. Staffing agencies are set up to find the best match for each of their clients; the more information you can provide the better chance you have of being paired with temps who meet your needs.
  • Follow up about your temporary staff. Communicating with the staffing agency about how your temporary employees are working out allows them to find good candidates for you in the future.
  • Let the agency do the hard work of hiring. Nothing slows productivity more than using up your time on the hiring process. By allowing a staffing agency to do the hard work of advertising the position and interviewing, you can concentrate on your own work and simply prepare to greet and train your new staff.

A temporary staffing agency for creatives should be one of your top resources for solving staffing issues. A specialized agency has the ability to match highly skilled workers to your particular needs. Finding temporary workers is easy when you allow the agency to manage the hiring process. With the right temporary staff in place you can move ahead with your objectives without the financial risks of expanding your permanent workforce before you are ready.


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