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Landing Talent Like a Top Attractor

A good employee can be hard to find. Not because there aren’t good workers but because they have so many options of where to work. Top companies like Google and Apple attract some of the best employees and work hard to keep them.

Smaller businesses are not always able to implement the same strategies to attract and keep top talent. Wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma County are a prime example. Say a Napa business hires their staff through a winery staffing agency. The agency does their best to send top talent their way, but what can the winery manager do to improve her chances of finding and retaining the best in the industry? She can translate these ideas from top attractors into initiatives that will benefit her particular business.

Employees First

Think about your employees’ needs. Facebook did and implemented four months of parental leave for all their staff worldwide. Airbnb threw down area rugs to provide a more homey feel for their staff. Candidates now look beyond your offer of health insurance and stock options. They are interested in how you will consider their needs everyday on the job.

Back to the winery manager. She may not be interested in adding meditation spaces to the winery operation like Salesforce did at their San Francisco location. But she might tempt top talent at the wine industry staffing agency she hires from by offering more paid leave or providing a break room that facilitates better down time during the work day. These initiatives help with work/life balance and show workers you are tuned in to their needs.

Back to Basics

Today’s laid-back corporate culture can make a suit and tie look against the grain. So it may be subversive when Tesla gives its employees rules, rather than policies, to follow. Netflix is another big attractor pushing market limits yet returning to traditional culture at headquarters. They’re famous for stating they only hire “fully formed adults”.

How is this mindset an attractor? It lets employees know where they stand. If you “hire hard” your employees know they’re working with other top talent. Rules allow workers to see the boundaries you establish and figure out how to work within them. The best part is any size business can hire hard and create effective standards for their employees to follow.

A Better Brand

Being a better brand can boost your attractiveness to employees. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is sure his workforce derives satisfaction from creating what the public finds useful. Rumor has it Uber employees love working for a forward-thinking company. Both attractors use their company’s mission and success to draw employees who see a strong connection between their work and the brand as a whole.

Your brand tells potential employees who you are and what you do the same way it informs your clientele. A business of any size can better their brand as a marketing strategy. Doing so may attract employees who are both the best in their field and a good fit for your company.


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