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Employee Timekeeping

Make the Most of a Short-term Assignment

Short-term assignments can be an excellent way for employers to supplement their full-time staff with temps and interns. It helps get more done during higher seasons at a lower cost. But, what about the up [...]

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How to Make Your Company Magnetic to Top Talent

Investing in new employees costs both time and money. This makes attracting and keeping the brightest minds in your industry essential in order for your company to reach its full potential. But, in today’s marketplace [...]

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Making a Difference in the Workplace: 5 Top Tips

“A good company is one whose mission is to improve the lives of everyone in its footprint: employees, suppliers, customers, supporting communities, and the planet.” -Tim Sanders, Saving the World at Work: What Companies and [...]

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6 Tips for InMail Messages that Get Results

Finally, LinkedIn has led you to the perfect match for your open position. But, it turns out, you’re not connected. With InMail, LinkedIn’s messaging service, you can contact anyone – whether you are connected or [...]

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It might be time to cut your losses

Brian was perfect for the job. His resume was everything the position called for and more. His references checked out and he wowed the executive team of four during the interview. The CEO was impressed [...]

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Employee Wellness Program: A Few Simple Changes

The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) takes employee health seriously. If you are looking for a great resource for improving your team's wellness, WELCOA is a solid place to go. They recommend small businesses start [...]

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