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How to Make Your Company Magnetic to Top Talent

Investing in new employees costs both time and money. This makes attracting and keeping the brightest minds in your industry essential in order for your company to reach its full potential. But, in today’s marketplace competition can be fierce. How can you make sure your company is attracting top talent?

What if you could prioritize attraction over recruitment and make potential candidates want to come to you?

You can. As it turns out, there are some common threads that talented workers look for when choosing a company in which to grow. You can use these factors to attract a top copywriter, website designer, photographer, and any other talent that you need to complete your team.

Here are 4 key factors that you can incorporate to make your company outstandingly attractive:

A reputable reputation

What are your current and past employees saying about your company? What about your customers?

It is important to keep a check on how your company is coming across with both your employees and your customers online. Talented candidates want to know that they will be investing their time in a company that they can grow with. One that is valued out in the online space.

If your reputation is great, it gives your potential candidates a greater feeling that they will be working somewhere they will be proud to be included.

Has your company won any awards? Do you have a supportive work environment, provide extra vacation time, send employees on a yearly retreat? Make your current employees advocates by treating them very well.

Set your company apart by providing some valuable benefits to your workforce. Share employee success stories online that show how much you value and support everyone who joins your team. And give back to your followers and community as much as you can. Branding is not just for customers. It reaches potential candidates too.

Assess your reputation often and continue to look for ways to improve upon the public view.

A clear and strong vision

You cannot expect potential employees to be excited about where your company is going if you do not know where you are going. You need a clear strong vision that you are passionate about.

Passionate in and of itself, however, is not enough. You need to be able to communicate your vision in a way that gets others excited about it too.

Where are you going? What is the driving force, the purpose behind what you do?

People are not just attracted to benefits, environments, and compensation packages. They are attracted to other people and their stories. Make your brand story compelling and purposeful. Employees want to be part of something bigger than themselves that they can feel good about.

Make growth opportunities a priority

Provide opportunities for your employees to learn and grow not only within your company but in other ventures, as well. Figure out creative ways to work with already cultivated talents while presenting opportunities for employees to develop new skills too.

Allow your team members to take part in how things are developed and managed. People take more responsibility and pride in their work when they know they have been a part of creating the policies and systems that are implemented.

Make growth opportunities a necessary part of your growth strategy, not a luxury. This can be done through courses and training, but also through mentorship programs.

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Ask for feedback often

Turning your company into a talent magnet can take a bit of humility. Ask your current employees and customers what they think and where you can improve.

An attractive company is one that is always seeking to get better and better and willing to adjust and learn as needed. Today’s hottest companies in the Silicon Valley and beyond, know that you need to stay up to date with changing trends and technology.

Continued expansion alongside classic traits like honesty and trustworthiness is what wins over both customers and talented workers that want to work with those customers.

As a creative Silicon Valley staffing agency, we specialize in finding the right candidates that will thrive in their positions and within the company’s culture. And when companies have invested thought and action in making their workplaces attractive to the talent we make available, we recurringly see win-win situations.

Think: When you set your employees and potential employees up for success you set your company up for success. Remember, behind every great venture are the people who fuel it.


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