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Employee Wellness Program: A Few Simple Changes

The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) takes employee health seriously. If you are looking for a great resource for improving your team’s wellness, WELCOA is a solid place to go. They recommend small businesses start an employee wellness plan by:

  • Notifying employees about your intention to support their wellness
  • Designating a wellness leader for your company
  • Connecting employees to health screening opportunities
  • Improving dietary awareness and habits across your business
  • Implementing healthy policies and procedures
  • Holding an annual physical activity campaign
  • Supporting community health efforts

While it may sound formal and official, starting an employee wellness program should be a positive experience. We’ll look at the story of a San Jose company owner who embraces employee wellness as an exciting change. Her program shifts office culture toward healthier living with just a few simple changes.

Recognizing the Need for Change

A small business owner in San Jose sees her employees struggle to reach personal health goals at work. She asks them about the issue and is surprised how the office environment works against them. Donuts in the staff kitchen ruin their diets. With no way to exercise on breaks, they hardly move throughout the day. Low energy levels tempts them to drink soda all afternoon.

The owner wants to create an employee wellness program to counteract the trend. She imagines big, corporate Silicon Valley wellness programs with free salad bars and rock climbing walls. No way can her small business afford that. But the owner still devises a modest yet effective employee wellness program. Her aim: to positively influence the health of her staff with simple changes.

A Healthier Office Culture

Employees live a lot of life in your office. Your business should support, not hurt, their personal health goals. Making small adjustments to how your office eats and moves can help employees embrace lasting, healthy changes.

Eating Well in the Workplace

Food is at the heart of a culture, and company culture is no exception. Changing how your office eats can improve employee productivity and job performance. The business owner in San Jose listens to employee complaints about office routine leading to poor food choices. She knows breaking a bad habit requires forming a new one. So the owner changes the office environment to support better eating.

Reforming the vending machine. See if your vending machine company stocks healthier options. There is a growing trend of vending machine companies offering everything from organic produce to vegan snacks. Replace soda vending machines with a water bottle filling station to promote health and cut waste.

Providing healthy options. Don’t buy processed junk food from the break room. Find out what your employees need to eat and treat them to those items during breaks. Celebrate company milestones with an enjoyable, health-conscious meal.

Eat better lunches. Encourage healthier takeout options. Research healthy restaurants in your area. Stockpile their delivery menus for employees to choose from. Start a brown-bag challenge: if employees pack nutritious lunches all week, buy the office a healthy takeout meal on Friday.

The Fitness-Friendly Workplace

The small business owner knows her employees want to move during work hours. She organizes walks outside during breaks and sets up in-office exercise options. On Wednesdays, everyone who wants to takes a longer lunch break to attend a nearby yoga class.

You can easily incorporate fitness measures into your current workday. Allow employees to replace desk chairs with exercise balls. Let them use standing desks with anti-fatigue mats. Institute a 15-minute walking or stretching break each morning and afternoon. Ask your employees what will help them stay active and energized throughout the day.

Everyone Wins with Employee Wellness Programs

In the end, the San Jose company benefits on every front. Employees feel better, reach higher productivity levels, and reach their health goals during the workweek. This all improves their company culture, impresses clients, and attracts new hires. Want to feel good about yourself as an employer and help your employees feel better at work? Start your company’s wellness program today.


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