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  • Phone call follow-up helps increase likelihood of job placement by a top San Francisco Bay Area staffing agency

4 Interview Follow-Up Tips To Set You Apart

The interview went well. Now what? Many candidates sweat out those days after an interview wondering, hoping, and waiting by the phone. If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, don’t stand around. Follow these simple job interview follow up tips and make it easy for your potential employer to see you as the best person for the job.

1. Follow Up ASAP

Let the follow-up begin before you leave the interview. You’ll take the guesswork out of when the hiring manager will respond if you ask when you can expect to hear back. It’s usually best to frame this question as, “What are the next steps?”  

You interview for winery jobs at competing businesses, one in Napa Valley and the other in Sonoma, in the same week. You follow your job interview tips and ask about next steps. The Napa company says they’ll get back to you in a few days while the Sonoma business has a long line of candidates to interview before their decision. When the Napa winery responds with an offer, you accept. You don’t waste time waiting for a competing offer from the Sonoma winery when you know it could be weeks away.

2. Say “Thank You”

Right away, if possible. Send an email stating your sincere appreciation for the opportunity. Email is fast, and therefore more impactful, than a handwritten note. Consider a “thank you” another avenue for showing how enthusiastic you are about the job. You can use a template if you’re not quite sure what to say.

After applying for work at a San Francisco Bay Area staffing agency, you write a thank you email to the recruiter. Staffing agencies see a lot of applicants walk through their doors, and the thank you note distinguishes you from the other candidates who didn’t follow up. They know you’re truly interested in working with their agency and you land a position as a result.

Career strategist and recruiter Jenny Foss writes, “Thank-you notes matter: They give you a terrific opportunity to follow up with the decision-maker right away. I encourage job seekers to get thank-you notes out (to each individual they’ve met in the interview process) immediately after the interview. Same day. From your laptop in the parking lot, if you really want to wow them.”

3. Play the Part

Here’s an interesting piece of advice: match your follow-up approach to the position you’re applying for. If you’re in a high-energy industry like sales or marketing, you may want to check in with the interviewer as you would an important client.

This can make the decision for you about whether you reach out by phone or email. Say that job in Napa Valley is a customer service position. Haven’t had a chance to talk to the interviewer on the phone? Take the time to follow up with a call. This shows them you are still interested in the position at the same time you demonstrate the phone sales skills you mentioned on your resume.

4. Check In

You’re waiting… and waiting… for a response. The recruiter may not be able to contact you until a certain point in the process. Or maybe they hired someone and are hoping all the other candidates fade away (in which case you are lucky said company didn’t hire you). You don’t know why they’re taking longer than expected to respond, so contact the interviewer again to let them know you are still interested in the position and waiting to hear back.

Think of it as showing commitment to the application process rather than harassing the interviewer or recruiter. Back to the Bay Area recruiters. Even after your thank you email, you don’t hear anything back for a couple weeks. You stay polite and positive when checking in with the staffing agency. It could be they are making a tough decision between you and another candidate, and your check-in phone call shows them who the best fit is.



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